Basic Brake Service

• Free Brake Inspection.
• Replace pads with premium Bendix brake products.
• Clean and lubricate moving caliper parts.
• Replace clips and hardware.
• Labor to replace rotors if required. (parts additional)
• Road tested for proper break in stops.

Life Time Disc Brake

• Replace and install disc brake pads with premium Lifetime disc pads.
• Replace brake rotors, clean and lubricate caliper pins and slides.
• Inspect brake lines and hoses, and install new hardware.
• Free Lifetime Brake Pad Replacement.
• Free Annual Brake Inspection.

Change Oil

•An oil change with the Shell Helix Ultra E fully synthetic oil will set you back P3,120.
• the HX7 synthetic oil change costsP1,880 .
• the HX5 multi-grade oil service is priced at P1,440 .
• and the most affordable HX3 product costs P888.
• plus With oil filter P850.


“A vehicle’s whose AC isn’t blowing cold air isn’t the only sign that your AC is on the fritz

• Weak air flow from vents
• Air starts cold but gets warm
• Distinctly smelly air when the AC system is on.

In most cases, today’s modern technology can make locating the source of the trouble pretty simple and repairs prompt. The most common problems that can cause your AC not to work include:

• A refrigerant leak
• Clogged tube or hose
• Failed compressor or compressor clutch
• Dead blower or motor resistor
• Blown fuse


If you suspect that you have a leak in your AC, it’s best to have it confirmed and repaired by a professional, as letting the leak continue can allow unwanted things into the system and create further, more expensive damage. In most cases a refrigerant leak is a quick diagnosis and repair. Costs will vary, depending on the cause, e.g. a repairing a leak vs replacing a compressor.

also remember that “AUTOMOTO offers FREE AC checks, so it’s pretty easy to just stop by your local service location and find out what’s going on.